Apr 07

Turn Your AT&T iPhone into a Verizon iPhone

I don’t have or don’t like AT&T and want to use my iPhone on another network.

You can use a Verizon hotspot device with your iPhone to take advantage of Verizon’s network.

You’ve got a two approaches here: one proactive, one passive.

Say Hi to MiFi Wi-Fi
Turn your iPhone into a “Verizon iPhone” using Verizon’s Mi-Fi hotspot device. You will need a Verizon account, a Verizon MiFi ($99) and your iPhone. MiFi is a tiny, battery powered EVDO modem which sits in your pocket and turns the incoming 3G radio waves into a small Wi-Fi network, enabling you to hook up your laptop, iPod Touch or in this case, your iPhone, to it via Wi-Fi connection. Check out Barry Schuler’s demonstration video here.
In a nutshell, it’s pretty simple. Just make sure Wi-Fi is turned on on your iPhone. Then select your MiFi Wi-Fi connection and use Verizon’s network to surf the web and make phone calls using Skype or other VOIP apps.

Hurry Up and Wait
This is an oft given bit of advice with Apple products and it applies well here, but happily with more concrete hope than usual. There are lots of rumors that the iPhone is coming to Verizon. It may even be this summer (2010). Most folks “in the know” seem pretty confident that it will eventually show up there, it’s just a matter of when. There’s even a possibility Sprint may get in on the action, either formally or with an unlocked Verizon CDMA iPhone. Carrier choice has hardly raced into town Paul Revere style, more like on the back of a Giant Galapagos Tortoise, but if Aesop taught us anything, it’s that that’s somehow better in the long run.


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